Welcome to my IH Pages.

These pages will contain a lot of things, mostly regarding International Harvester vehicles, often called "Binders".
IH built the best vehicles ever. Ford and Chevy fans may excuse, but that's the awful truth. Period.

I really should've written these pages in Swedish, but as the general public in fact does understand English, they'll
get by. Maybe I'll translate everything some time in the future...

Latest News !!

Sep 24 2009: New menu item: LST Decoding. Help to decode LST, exploded views, and much more!
Sep 18 2009: Revamped the structure of the site for easier maintenence.
Aug 5 2009: Moved the site to a newer server, much needed due to lack of disc space.
Jun 20 2009: Had to rebuild all links due to DynDNS starting to charge for wildcard dns.
May 17 2009: New menu item: TH700R4 Rebuild.
May 1 2009: Long time needed update on the ambulance page ('67 T'all, DXB)
Apr 21 2009: Fixed more missing links, updated Tools 'n Toys and Good shops page.
Feb 16 2009: Updated missing links, and a small update in the Battered Bitch page ('64 Tall, DBZ).
Feb 11 2009: Small updates on the Battered Bitch page ('64 Tall, DBZ).
Feb 04 2009: Major site re-vamp! New look and some small updates.
Jan 26 2009: Small update with some pictures in the Battered Bitch page ('64 Tall, DBZ).
Jan 21 2009: Small site re-vamp. New menu item “Xmas 2008” and updated “Tools 'n Toys” page.
Jan 16 2009: Major update to the ambulance page, covers Nov 2008 – Jan 2009 ('67 T'all, DXB).
Jan 05 2009: Small update to BB page (DBZ)
Jun 26 2008: Small update to the ambulance page ('67 T'all, DXB).
Mar 21 2008: Site update: “Tools 'n Toys” (New menu items).
Mar 9 2008: Small update to the Battered Bitch page ('64 T'all, DBZ)
Feb 21 2008: Finally an update on my ambulance page ('67 T'all, DXB)
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