Good shops.

On this page I'd like to mention some shops I've had good experiences with. A good experience for me is
either getting a marvellous deal on something, or getting service beyond what's called for or usual.

Martin & Marcus, the two guys handling the Swedish IH parts stash. Good guys!This place has all books, manuals, and catalogs about IH that you will ever need!

Svensk Bilutrustning
Ahlmansgatan 4, Malmö
Telefon: 040-929300
One of, if not the oldest speed shop in town. Very good service and knowledgeable staff.
Amerikanska Motor Importen
Hantverkargatan 22, Arlöv
Telefon: 040-430773
The best customer service I've experienced for many years. A good place to spend your money!
Auto Team 1
Jägershillsgatan 20, Malmö
Telefon: 040 - 21 09 60
Very good service. If no one else can get the part you need, these guys can! Highly recommended.
IH Service
Malmö Bilkyl
Hantverkargatan 20, Arlöv
Telefon: 040 - 93 72 02
The only radiator shop I will ever use. They build what you need to a fair price.
Binder Books