Old news page, 2006 - 2007.

Aug 26 2007: Site update: "In the movie" and "Pärlrallyt" (New menu items).
Aug 21 2007: My old ambulance has been in a movie! (DXB)
Aug 18 2007: The old girl held up good through Pärlrallyt! (DXB)
Aug 17 2007: She's up and running again! New IP, and now I'm completely broke! (DXB)
Aug 15 2007: And now she's dead again. Seized injection pump, new pump is on theway...(DXB)
Aug 10 2007: She's up and running again! Drove her home for the first time after the accident, felt good!(DXB)
Jul 4 2007: Had an accident. Sheet metal took it pretty bad. (DXB)
Apr 17 2007: The Battered Bitch is home! (DBZ)
Mar 16 2007: New tires! Every woman needs a pair of new shoes now and then... (DXB)
Mar 10 2007: Got my hubcaps. Makes a world of difference! (DXB)
Feb 20 2007: Safety inspection passed!! (DXB)
Feb 1 2007: Went through registry and safety inspection. Five minor things to fix and then re-inspect. (DXB)
Jan 26 2007: Got another one into the stable. A 1964 C1200 4x4 Travelall. (DBZ)
Jan 4 2007: Date set for safety inspection, Feb 1. Yay! After that she'll be on the road... :)
Jan 1 2007: Happy new year!! She'll soon be on the road!!
Oct 21 2006: Shot the paint today. Went fairly well!
Sep 4 2006: Site is a lot faster now since I moved all pictures to a place with a better internet connection. Many thanks to
Simon Holmbring for hosting the pics for me.